We're Official!

We are so excited to be able to share our new website with the world!  ArtbyOliviaIndy.com.  Over the last year Olivia has been learning and experimenting with art.  A little over a year ago she started working with an art therapist, Katie Wagner, whom we adore!  Early on Katie talked about "When Olivia starts selling her art...".  I, as Olivia's mother, literally laughed out load and thought "yeaa right".  Well, Olivia has certainly reminded me to have more faith in her.  Here we are now with several art pieces sold, participating in multiple art shows and developing a website and art business.  This has reminded me of how important it is to always keep an open mind and never put limits on your child.
If you know Olivia, you know that she is usually a pretty bubbly and social young lady.  She loves to sing and dance and perform every chance she gets.  She loves eating out, watching movies and hanging out with friends.  Another part of Olivia is that she has Down syndrome.  Parenting is always a journey and this diagnosis just adds a unique aspect to the journey.  As she gets older and we talk about life after school and what jobs she may enjoy or excel in, we are always looking for opportunities for her to learn and grow in her independence.  When we started Art it was just for fun.  Never did we imagine that it would grow into a business.  Art has brought so many learning opportunities...hard work, powering through, banking and budgeting, goal setting, public speaking and more.  
We want to say a huge THANK YOU to those who have asked about how to see her art, bought her artwork, or have come to an event.  We hope that this is just the beginning of her art journey and that there is much more learning and creating to come!  You can also follow Olivia's art on Facebook at Art by Olivia or on Instagram @LivLoveLaugh16.  Please feel free to spread the word and share the love!